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Evergreen Giving Day Platform Features

Front End

  • Mobile-friendly responsive design that will display properly on any size screen.
  • Embedding options to display social media feeds and links on the home page.
  • Real-time gift totals displayed on the site.
  • Leaderboard to track total gift dollars and total number of gifts given to each nonprofit. The leaderboard also displays hourly prizes and drawings (if applicable).
  • Rich descriptive nonprofit profile pages with logo, bio, contact information, website and social networking links, fundraising goal, and specific fundraising needs. Nonprofit specific fundraising statistics are also displayed on this page.
  • Display of website sponsor logos and links in an attractive carousel format.
  • Display of giving locations as text with directions link or with map
  • Additional website content pages to support giving day. These are: "About", "How it Works", "Giving Day Guidelines". Additional (or different) content pages are available upon request.
  • Unique/customizable nonprofit profile page urls.
  • Four available donation workflows:
    1. Quick Select width popup nonprofit profiles - Quick select buttons on home page to quickly choose nonprofits and then go directly to the donation checkout to specify amounts and payment information. Nonprofit profiles are accessed via modal popups to keep the donor on the homepage
    2. Quick Select width nonprofit profile pages - The same as quick select above except nonprofit profiles and presented on dedicated profile pages.
    3. Nonprofit List with Donation Cart - Nonprofit profiles are accessed via links on the homepage. "Add to cart" buttons on each nonprofit profile page allowing users to browse nonprofits and select each one to which they would like to donate. As with #1 above, donation amounts and payment information are entered on the checkout page.
    4. Nonprofit Search with Donation Cart - Nonprofit profiles are retrieved by searching on category, name, keyword, or zipcode. "Add to cart" buttons on each nonprofit profile page allowing users to browse nonprofits and select each one to which they would like to donate. As with #1 above, donation amounts and payment information are entered on the checkout page.
  • Four options available for payment processing:
    • Paypal Payments Pro: Paypal offers special pricing for 501(c)(3) organizations. If your foundation is interested in that discount or if you already use Paypal Payments Pro for in-house card processing, this option is for you.
    • If your foundation already has payment processing setup, can be used to route your giving day transactions through that account.
    • Paypal Express Checkout: This option does not require a commitment or monthly service fee. Donors are taken to the Paypal website to enter their payment information and then returned to your giving day website to complete the checkout process. Donors may pay with credit/debit or with their Paypal account.
    • Stripe: Information regarding processing payments using the Stripe payment network may be found on their website and
  • Quick and easy checkout with the ability to allow donors to cover credit card processing fees.

Administrative Functions

  • Registrations & Renewals
    • Nonprofits wishing to be included in the campaign may apply online via a registration form.
    • Registrations are queued for review and may be approved or disapproved.
    • Document requests and renewals are also managed through this utility
  • Campaign Manager
    • Add, edit, and archive fundraising campaigns.
    • Campaigns control the timing of all website gifting functions and consolidate all donations for reporting purposes.
    • Early bird giving allows a campaign to activate early. Gifts given during the early bird period are included in the reporting for the campaign.
    • Display of totals panels and leaderboards may be controlled independently during each phase of the campaign.
  • Nonprofit Manager
    • Add, edit, and remove nonprofits.
    • Manage nonprofit profiles
    • Manage nonprofit users
    • Manage and request nonprofit documents
    • Nonprofit user impersonation to aid in website support
  • Sponsor Manager - Add, edit, and remove website sponsors. Sponsors logos and links are displayed on the homepage according to admin-defined parameters.
  • Giving Location Manager - Add, edit, and remove giving locations. Giving locations are displayed in the right column according to admin-defined parameters.
  • Record in-person cash, check, and stock donations. Gift recorded here are immediately included in the giving day total gifts and dollar amount totals.
  • Record periodic prizes and drawings (if applicable)
  • Page editor to manage the content of the all static website pages (About, How it Works, Giving Day Guidelines, etc) in addition to the content of the homepage before and after giving day and the verbiage on emailed donation receipts.
  • Site setting manager - modify settings that affect how visitors make donations, how information is displayed on the site, and which payment processor is used.
  • Administrative User Manager - Add, edit, and delete administrative users.
  • Password change and reset functions that allow users to handle their own password issues.


  • Campaign Dashboard - See detail below
  • Gift History - Search history for any donor or dift, view gift details, and resend donor receipts.
  • Nonprofit Totals - View nonprofit aggregated gift and dollar amount totals for a specific campaign or all time.
  • FIMS Export - Export transaction data for import into FIMS or other financial software packages.
  • Net Gifts Export - Export gift totals, calculated credit card fees, and net gift amounts aggregated by nonprofit.
  • Donor Export - Export donor data for media and reports to the community. Donors who asked to remain anonymous are flagged as such in this export.
  • Hourly Rankings - Rank nonprofits by gifts received, dollars received, and unique donors for each hour of your giving day.
  • Custom exports are available upon request.

Campaign Dashboard

The campaign dashboard provides campaign statistics at a glance. Metrics included in the dashboard are:
  • Total dollars given
  • Total number of gifts given
  • Number of unique donors
  • Total gift dollars (and % of total) given via credit, cash, check, or stock
  • Count and % of nonprofits that have met or exceeded their goal (if set)
  • Average amount given per nonprofit
  • Average number of gifts per nonprofit
  • Average dollars given per gift
  • Average dollars given per donor
  • Dollar amount (and % of total) given by category
  • Dollar amount and number of gifts given each hour of giving day
  • Credit card fees covered by donors (dollars and % or total)
  • Donors covering credit card fees (count and % of total)
  • Donors giving for the first time. (count and % of total)
  • Stats on nonprofits with goals set

Nonprofit Sign In

By signing in, nonprofits may do the following:
  • Manage profile
  • Upload requested documents
  • Download all transactions for a given campaign.
  • Download an unique donor list with email addresses for a given campaign or all campaigns.
  • Add, edit, and delete users that may sign in for the nonprofit.
  • Change password
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